Our facility offers a fitness centre and fitness programming, art and music programming, a cafe offering daily fresh food service, room and catering rental services, and extensive information and health support services.

Forty years ago, NESA chose a different way to get older.We began with a simple premise: fun has no expiration date. It keeps you young. When we learn and play and build and eat and dance and travel together, we are happier and healthier. We live longer. We live more meaningfully.

Fun keeps you young.

North Edmonton Seniors Association is a board of volunteers. It’s a wonderfully equipped building with hundreds of affordable clubs and programs. And it’s an invitation, from 2,000 of us to you, that promises your next 20 years can be as fulfilling and exciting as your previous 20. Ask our members and you’ll hear the same thing, over and over:

“NESA changed my life.”


Our Mission

To provide a friendly environment offering physically and mentally rewarding activities and services which promote wellness, independence and community involvement.