We are always accepting applications for volunteer roles in multiple roles which include but are not limited to: greeting/administration roles, governance and communication, fundraising and special events, fitness centre, and Outreach & Health programs.

Active members may apply for any position. Please complete the Volunteer Application form.

Knitting for the Needy

This is a volunteer group that provides knitted items to local schools, shelters, hospitals, and not-for-profit agencies using donated yarn. These items are made by individuals in their homes, which allows both mobile and home-bound members to participate.

Committees & Boards

We are a large organization, with a membership around 2000 individuals, and serving many more outside of our membership through our Outreach and non-member programming and services; We rely on the the expertise of our volunteers to provide direction through our Board of Directors, and through specialized committees. Please see our Committee page for more information about committee roles.