Registered fitness programs are available for all levels of fitness and mobility. Registration is now open for Spring and Summer Programs. 

  • Gentle fitness classes that involve no floor work and some standing: Limber & Laughter/ Chair Yoga/ Back and Shoulder Rehab/ Balance Out Your Week/ Stretch it Out/ Recover & Rebuild/ Chair Zumba
  • General fitness classes are done standing, seated on an exercise ball, or on the floor, and use a variety of props to assist the activities: Fit For Your Life/ Tai Chi/ Fun N’ Fitness/ Pilates on the Ball/ Yoga/ Golden Barre/ Gentle Yoga/ Stretch ‘N’ Tone Yoga/ Circuit Training/ Zumba
  • Mat work classes include: Buns & Bellies/ Stretch n’ Tone Yoga/ Gentle Yoga/ Cardio Strength/ Yogafit/ Sgt. Maggie’s Workout/Renew You