Annual membership

Memberships are issued for each calendar year, from January 1 to December 31.

Age 55+ membership: $30
Under 55 membership: $60
For under-55 members: Unrestricted access is provided to evening programs, but priority registration is given to 55+ members for daytime programs.

Ready to take the plunge? Complete our Membership Application and bring it to our facility, or mail the form and payment (cheques only for mail-in registration). 

Benefits of membership

  • Member-only rates for programs.

  • Priority registration for programs. (Memberships from other seniors associations are honored for instructional classes at member rates. Members of other associations are placed on a waiting list until one week after registration opens.)

  • Access to fitness facility services.

  • Vibrant social events and activities all year round.

  • Access to day trips, travel programs, and clubs.

  • Access to information and health services.

  • Information and support services for seniors.

  • Exclusive opportunity to volunteer with NESA