We are a large organization that serves a large membership, and many more individuals outside of our membership through our Outreach and non-member programming and services; We rely on the the expertise of our volunteers to provide direction through our Board of Directors, and through specialized committees.

Program Committee

Act as a program resource regarding course ideas, suggestions and equipment reviews, and assist with development, implementation and review of program policies and guidelines.

Social Committee

Plan, implement and evaluate a minimum of six social and special events for members and guests, including New Year Eve Dinner/Dance, Wednesday Night Dances and other events as determined.

Fundraising Committee

The North Edmonton Seniors Association holds many social events to assist with fundraising, in addition to organizing our popular book sales, flea markets, and grocery gift card program. Please see our Events for details on social events, or contact us for more information about any of our programs or about assisting on our fundraising committee.

Kitchen/Facility Committee

Assist Board of Directors with all negotiations, promotion, and maintenance planning and execution for the kitchen/catering services.

Finance Committee

Responsible for planning and overseeing the financial operations of the Association.    

Communication/Membership Committee  

Provides direction for communications policies, and implementation.

Care Committee

Plans, implements, and evaluates all Care programs, including clinics, health lectures, income tax and other information services, and bereavement sessions. In addition, provide direction for community linking programs that include Connections:  Friendly Visitors, Seniors-in-Need, Knitting for the Needy, and Outreach.

Arts Committee

Develop guidelines and criteria for art displays, and schedule and oversee placement of displays as an impartial advocate for all Arts programming.

IT Committee

This is an administrative body that reviews, monitors and prioritizes major IT projects involving The North Edmonton Seniors Association from a cross-functional perspective.